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Etel Collection

"It is often said that Kandinsky's final period resembles poetry, that it is rigid because it compromises defined shapes, circles and triangles. It is dismissively labeled 'geometric.' But that's like saying that the sky has no grandeur, that circles are not inspiring symbols."
Etel Adnan on Vasily Kandinsky, 1963
There is beauty in simplicity. Etel Adnan's visual art is a tribute to that. The artist interprets nature and its power through recurring geometric shapes -a red square, a circle representing the sun, horizontal lines like the sky over the ocean.Through its simplicity, her paintings and drawings are visualizations of the sensations and memories that bring the human relationship with nature into a spiritual realm.Seeking inspiration in this look of simplicity, the new collection of the Maria Frering brand seeks to rescue simple and recurring shapes in nature such as the circle, the drop and the curves of the mountains. Mixing natural elements such as bronze, cotton, white agate, aventurine and amethyst, the jewelry brings us an immediate connection with the natural world.

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